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28 September 2014 @ 12:23 am
And Now We Wait  
I guess after having to put up with Doctor Who splitting series in half and making us wait for months on end before starting again, should make the waiting now for the remainder of Outlander in April, easier to bear.

I do have the rest of Outlander to read, and for my birthday on Tuesday I bought a paperback copy of Dragonfly in Amber, so I have that as well to keep me company.

Speaking of reading Outlander, this is my second time through and I'm finding it a bit weird. As I'm reading, my brain inserts the bits from the tv show that aren't in the book, and it often becomes a confusing mishmash. It helps to reread whichever particular section I'm in the midst of - just to clarify things. And my dreams... They are all Outlander all the time now. Not unpleasant at all, but I don't ever remember dreaming of the book the first time round.

The midseason finale was quite an adventure. They were wet during most of it, and must have been freezing - while filming in Scotland. I wonder if they ever have warm weather there? It's no wonder folks wore so many layers of clothes, and slept under furs. I would've been sick all the time and perpetually freezing. I don't think I'd have lived as long then as I have now.

Tomorrow Starz is having an Outlander marathon of all eight episodes back to back. Can't decide if I'll watch it, since I have it all on my DVR.

You know something weird? This is the first episode that I haven't automatically watched two or three times after the initial viewing. What's keeping me from doing that do you think? Perhaps because I know the 'end' is coming and I think if I don't watch it again, I can keep the 'end' at arms length? Strange.

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